The sound won’t be as crisp, but you’ll still be able to contribute to your team’s success by calling shots or feeding information to them during a match. A small window should come up now, and when it does, you’ll see it has a second tab on the top. That tab, labeled “Recording” is the one you want. You need to dig deep for the Microphone Boost control, but it can give you a little extra volume when you need it. Timothy Gagnon is the owner of My Portable Office. As a kid, he’s always had a fascination with electronics and never passed on the chance to disassemble and reassemble them.

Select the Recording tab and right-click your headset mic. When connecting your plug to the connector, you should feel a tactile click that indicates it’s securely connected. The plug should also feel secure even when the cable is slightly pulled. Well, this article will cover the various reasons why your headset mic isn’t working, as well as how you can go about fixing it. Read on to find the solutions to a headset mic that just won’t work.


Headphones or earbuds are preferred for your best listening, and to keep other people’s sounds from playing out of your speakers and back in through your microphone creating an echo. UN-check the ‘Automatically adjust microphone volume’ this keeps the software from lowering the input when you play louder, and raising it when you play softer. The setting for Show in-meeting option to “Enable Original Sound” from microphone disables Zoom’s audio enhancement features.

In the Windows Update panel, clickCheck for updates. Windows will check and download the latest available patches automatically. Driver Easy will automatically recognize your system and find the correct drivers for it. You don’t have to try them all; just work your way down the list until you find the one that works for you. If the AirPods firmware version needs to be updated, ensure your iPhone connection with your AirPods.

Sometimes, dirt and debris block your sound, which can’t deliver to others. Before trying more involved solutions below, check to see if your AirPods’ microphone looks clogged or dirty. As you continue to use your AirPods, the microphone holes may accumulate some grime inside them. That can stop the microphone from working or make you sound muffled. You can find the AirPods 3 microphones at the end of the AirPods’ stems. Follow these steps to clean the AirPods 3 microphones.

Turn on “Hey Siri” on the device your AirPods connect Webcam Drivers | Driversol to

If you swipe down Control Center DURING a Teams call you’ll see a “Mic Mode” on the top right. By default this is set to “Voice Isolation” which works fine for iPhone/Speaker and indeed many other bluetooth headsets . As soon as I set this to “Standard” the voice quality became “acceptable”.

Additionally, go to your app’s settings, and set your AirPods as your default microphone. For example, if you’re using Zoom, go to Settings, select Audio, and select your AirPods as your default microphone. Check your privacy settings, and make sure apps can access your AirPods microphone. Before proceeding with the solutions to use the AirPods Pro mic on Windows, check if disconnecting and reconnecting the AirPods and PC resolves the mic issue. Moreover, ensure the “Allow Access to Your Microphone” and “Choose Which Apps Can Access Your Microphone” settings are enabled in the Privacy Settings of your System. If, after trying the above fixes, you’re still experiencing problems with your microphone, you may need to consider that the microphone is damaged or faulty in some way.

Fit and comfort are always important, but especially with running headphones. If they fall out, chafe, or pinch, you won’t want to use them. The best ones come with multiple tip options to fit a variety of ear-canal sizes or have special design features such as hooks or wings to help them stay on and out of your way.

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