And to stand out, you must be specific about what you are going to talk about and recommend to your audience. Unlike a regular job that needs you to work regularly to continue earning, affiliate marketing allows you to make money when you sleep. With some initial investment in time and effort, you can earn big continually whenever someone buys through your link. Sometimes, marketers may wonder why they should become an affiliate marketing only to earn a small percentage of the sale they made.

Ensure this has the right integrations and is compatible with the payment options you offer. Choose a software that’s aligned with your advertising needs and that’s easy to start using – ideally without having to employ a professional. FlexOffers is an award-winning affiliate marketing network that offers comprehensive solutions to brands, advertisers, and publishers.

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Their software makes it simple to harness the power of recommendation and word-of-mouth marketing opportunities. Ambassador streamlines the process into easy-to-create, targeted referral campaigns, and offers a sleek interface for management and insights. TrackingDesk boasts a high level of integration with most major ad networks, affiliate networks, and business apps. TrackingDesk can easily collect data, track conversions, and help you optimize your campaign, no matter which network you fall into.

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Tap into motivated audiences who are already on the lookout for brands and offers. Answer their needs and advertise relevant content to motivated shoppers coming from coupon and loyalty sites. Use CreatorIQ to discover, recruit, and onboard affiliate creators, then easily scale affiliate link distribution to creators in any campaign from your affiliate platform. Rewardful is aimed at helping SaaS companies set up and track affiliate and referral programs with Stripe. Once the account is connected, you can allow Rewardful to track referrals, discounts, and commissions. The software enables you to streamline and track referrals and understand how many additional sales you’re making.

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I moved on to CAKE, a performance marketing software company, and now am the Head of Major Accounts. Understand every level of Ecommerce campaign performance through product-based tracking and reporting, and provide product catalogs for your partners via the affiliate portal. Take advantage of years of customer-driven affiliate marketing software development that has led to a flexible and robust solution. A reliable affiliate marketing solution to measure, manage and optimize partner campaigns for the highest performance. CAKE’s powerful performance marketing software will bring clarity to your marketing campaigns and empower you with the insights to make intelligent marketing decisions. For marketers ready to take their programmes to the next level, we‘ve innovated a bold new approach to affiliate marketing.

When the sale is made through your link, you get a small commission out of this sale. Affiliate marketing is a marketing technique by which you, as an affiliate, can earn a commission on marketing or recommending a company’s or person’s products or services. Want to pay out differently based on number of sales, revenue thresholds, or specific purchases? That shouldn’t be a problem if your affiliate tracking solution can structure different payout models based on affiliate type, sales generated, or special promotions. We’ve heard from many marketing directors about how much time and resources are wasted evaluating vendors, only to find out that they can’t meet the requirements.

Choose an automation solution with robust affiliate tracking software so calculating commissions and payments is error-free. When mistakes creep in, you otherwise lose affiliates’ trust in the program and demotivate them from working with you. In this post, we’ll examine what to look for in affiliate marketing software and introduce you to 17 of the top affiliate marketing solutions that can help you achieve your affiliate marketing goals.

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It also streamlines onboarding and decreases the chances of errors through its intelligent automation systems. According to a study conducted by the National Retail Federation, 81% of brands are using affiliate marketing as part of their customer acquisition methods. Frequently, they leverage this to increase the awareness of their target market, drive conversions, and engage with customers. But in order for businesses to leverage the reach and power of affiliate marketing during the COVID-19 pandemic, it is highly recommended to use an affiliate network and the appropriate tool to capture it.

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Their claim to fame is their easy to understand web interface and their affiliate marketing programs that don’t require any programming or development for setup. ClickInc is a great option for companies that are new to affiliate marketing and may not understand all the technical aspects of setting up a program. FinancesOnline is available for free for all business professionals interested in an efficient way to find top-notch SaaS solutions. We are able to keep our service free of charge thanks to cooperation with some of the vendors, who are willing to pay us for traffic and sales opportunities provided by our website.

Just offering a commission to your prospective affiliates is only part of the deal. We make the proposition more attractive by offering marketing and support affiliate management system material for your affiliates. Presenting that offer as best as possible ensures that affiliates actually decide to sell your product or service actively.

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